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January 2002


Due Date  Done?  Action  Lead Time (prior to cruise start)
_____ ___ Contact other scientists participating in your cruise. Determine their requirements, solicit Sampling Request Forms. 120 days
Review Sample Request Forms, Chemical Inventories and MSDSs submitted by participating scientists.
 120 days
_____ ___ Complete Sampling Request Forms, distribute to DSDB Coordinator.  100 days
_____ ___ Inform AFSC and PMEL equipment personnel of equipment and loading requirements. 100 days
_____ ___ Prepare for pre-season meeting with MOC-Pacific. Submit to FOLs and FOCI Liaison Officer an overview of your cruise, equipment requirements, loading/shipping needs, lab space requirements, etc. January and July
_____ ___ Submit Draft Cruise Instructions to FOLs and Liaison Officer. Include MSD Sheets. Submit Amendments as necessary. 95 days
 Include a master Chemical Inventory in the draft Cruise Instructions.
 95 days
_____ ___ Prompt Safety Training for AFSC personnel. 90 days
Oversee arrangements for the transportation and storage of the chemicals to be transferred to other vessels. Review any submitted Chemical Dsposal Plans.
 45 days prior to vessel loading
_____ ___ Submit Final Cruise Instructions to FOLs and Liaison Officer. 35 days
_____ ___ Convene pre-cruise meeting with participating scientists and staff 30 days
_____ ___ Coordinate submission of Health Questionnaires and Emergency Contact List to FOCI Liaison Officer. 30 days
Send Chemical Inventory, MSDSs, list of neutralizing agents and master Chemical Disposal Plan to the ship's Master or his/her designate. Use fax or e-mail if vessel is in operating area.
 20 days prior to vessel loading
During a pre-cruise meeting, advise all cruise participants of the chemicals that will be used, how they will be used, and where neutralizing agents, clean-up materials, and personal protection gear will be stored.
 20 days
_____ ___ Complete travel arrangments 20 days
_____ ___ Complete overtime authorizations 15 days


During cruise:

Due Date  Done?  Action  When?
Review hazardous materials information at meeting with ship personnel. 
 At start of cruise
_____ ___ Conduct meeting with science staff and FOO to review operations, hazardous material manifest and procedures. Within 1 day of departure
_____ ___ Discuss Plan of Day with science staff and FOO.  One day in advance
_____ ___ Maintain and verify data logs (DSDB, ADCP, SCS, MOA).  Daily
_____ ___ Send overtime to timekeepers via JFT (PMEL) or FAX (AFSC). Thursday before end of pay period
_____ ___ Submit Ship Operations Evaluation Form to Commanding Officer. End of cruise
_____ ___ Complete chemical inventory form. End of cruise
_____ ___ Submit Cruise Report to Commanding Officer End of cruise, if possible



Due Date  Done?  Action  When?
_____ ___ Distribute data to data managers. On return to lab
_____ ___ Prepare for Jeff Napp a list of samples for processing in Poland. On return to lab
_____ ___ Complete and distribute Cruise Report to FOLs and Liaison Officer.  Within 30 days of end of cruise
_____ ___ Submit Ship Operations Evaluation form to FOL. Within 25 days of end of cruise