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Biophysical Observations aboard Alaska State Ferries
The oceanographic measurement system aboard M/V Tustumena began recording near-surface data (at ~4 meters) on 15 September 2004.  Time series data extend from 2004 to September 2008.

View movies of changing temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, nitrate concentration (NO3), CDOM (Colored Dissolved Organic Matter) concentration and optical attenuation along the ferry route (QuickTime format)
Temperature Salinity Chlorophyll Nitrate CDOM Optical Attenuation
Movies of Along-Track Data
9/2004-11/2008 (QuickTime)

Temperature Salinity Chlorophyll Nitrate CDOM Optical Attenuation
Movies of Along-Track Data including Dutch Harbor
9/2004-11/2008 (QuickTime)

The following near-surface time series were measured along the Alaska Marine Highway's "Southwest Alaska: Prince William Sound to Kodiak Island" ferry route aboard the M/V Tustumena. High-frequency variations are due to spatial differences along the track as the ship moves between confined and open waters. Click an image for a larger view of time series data plots for temperature, salinity, nitrate concentration, chlorophyll, CDOM and attenuation.

Temperature Salinity Nitrate concentration Chlorophyll CDOM Conc. Attenuation Coeff.

The following maps show along-track data collected as the ferry moved between ports.
  Temperature Salinity CDOM Conc. Attenuation Coeff.

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