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  The first visit to an undersea vent was on April 21, 1979, 10 years after our first visit to the moon.   The
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The NeMO Net system was deployed in 1536 meters of water on the SE flank of the Axial volcano approximately 300 miles west of Newport, Oregon on July 14, 2000. The NeMO Net system in the Axial CalderaThe system was deployed using the ROV ROPOS system from the NOAA Ship Ron Brown.

Bag City Vent is located at the southern end of the new lava flow. It was so-named on its discovery in 1999 because of the numerous 1-3cm. translucent bag-like organic structures adhering to rocks surrounding active venting in this area (photo inset below). The warm water emitted from the interstices of the lava is rich in hydrogen sulfide, which tubeworms utilize by bacterial chemosynthesis. The Bag City vent site allows studying the succession of organisms that colonize new vent sites following an eruption. The colonization of the new surface is probably from larvae that was transported by currents from more "mature" vents that were not covered by the lava. The photographs and temperature data collected over the next year will be used to study the effect of temperature (which may also be an indicator of flow rate) on the growth of the tubeworms.

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