NeMO Project Partners

NOAA Vents Program:
Part of NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), dedicated to researching and understanding hydrothermal venting processes. Since 1991, Vents Acoustics/Geophysics Program has been using undersea hydrophones (in partnership with the U.S. Navy) to detect undersea eruptions on the section of the mid-ocean ridge off the northwest coast of North America in real time. The Vents Program collects, analyzes, and archives historical and time-series data of the NeMO site since 1984.

National Undersea Research Program (NURP):
The West Coast center of NURP funds research expeditions (such as NeMO) using submersibles such as the ROPOS ROV used in this project.

National Sea Grant Office:
Sea Grant is a partnership between universities and NOAA focused on making the United States the world leader in marine research and the sustainable development of marine resources.

National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada:
Canada's NSERC supports science and technology through university research grants as well as partnerships between industry and universities. Much of the ROV ROPOS technology has been sponsored by NSERC.

Hatfield Marine Science Center:
Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) provides many facilities including the the Oregon branch of the NOAA EOI Program, a public aquarium and outreach center, docking pier for major research vessels and educational programs dedicated to furthering K-12 science teaching.