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Older Version of Multimedia:
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The Earth-Ocean Interactions Program has accumulated a unique cache of multimedia throughout its years of research into hydrothermal venting systems. Below are links to these underwater videos, virtual realities, animations, panoramas, sounds and images. Credit for all of our media goes to NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory's Earth-Ocean Interactions Program.

  fly-through, click for video
Fly-through NW Rota 1 (Windows Media Video .4MB)
Fly through movie of NW Rota volcano, Mariana Arc:
Quicktime (*.mov): 1MB | 4MB
Windows Media Video (*.wmv): .4MB | 4MB
  erupting NW Rota 1
Glowing red, erupting volcano (Quicktime:9.38 MB | Windows Media: 8.22 MB)
2006 Mariana Arc

Video highlights website

Brimstone Pit (NW Rota1):
Erupting volcano!
Molten sulfur lake

  smoker video, click for video
2005 Black Smoker video (Windows Media Video 5MB)
Black Smoker Videos
South Cleft, Juan de Fuca Ridge:

Black Smoker website

  prickly dogfish image
A deepsea shark called a prickly dogfish at Rumble V volcano (2005).
Ocean Exploration
Ring of Fire
photo/video logs:

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  mussels at Eifuku image
Mussel colonies at Eifuku volcano (video).
2004 Mariana Arc multimedia website:

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image from Mystic virtual site Take a virtual tour of Magic Mountain on the southern Explorer Ridge!
Visit NOAA's Ocean Explorer's Magic Mountain Virtual Site. The fly-through and virtual realty panoramas were created by Earth-Ocean Interactions Program scientists and collaborators. (2/2004)

ROV virtual reality imageNeMO Gallery
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ridge flow imageModeling
Event Plumes
Vertical/Horizontal transportation
ctd tow imageHydrothermal Plume Studies
Black Smoker videos
CTD animations
Seawater-seafloor interaction animation
pillow lava imageGeology
Video highlights
Pillow lava movie
NE Pacific fly-through (11 MB wmv file)
Monolith plume imageChemistry
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