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  Lau Basin: Science Team  
  John Lupton   NOAA/PMEL   Chief Scientist/Gas Chemistry  
  Ed Baker   NOAA/PMEL   CTD/Physical Oceanography  
  Robert Embley   NOAA/PMEL   Marine Geology  
  Joe Resing   UW/EOI Program   CTD/Plume Chemistry  
  Marv Lilley   UW   Dissolved gases  
  Susan Merle   OSU/EOI Program  

Mapping, data archiving

  Sharon Walker   NOAA/PMEL   CTD/Plume mapping  
  Ron Greene   OSU/EOI Program   CTD/helium isotopes  
  Gwen Hemery   GNS New Zealand   CTD  
  Tamara Baumberger   ETH, Zurich   Dissolved gases  
  Nick Dyriw   ANU, Australia   CTD  
  Peter Crowhurst   Nautilus Minerals   Observer, mapping  
  Jelena Puzic   Tech Cominco   Observer, mapping  
  TBA   Kingdom of Tonga   Observer  

Lau Basin: Background | Science Team

updated 10/9/2008