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  Northeast Pacific blue whale call  

NE Pacific blue whale spectrogramNortheastern Pacific blue whale calls are perhaps the best known blue whale call to date. They generally consist of two parts, A and B. The A call is a series of pulses (on the order of 1.5 pulses/s) which often exhibits side-banding and the B call is a long FM moan. A short (8s) upswept call (C) is occasionally seen between A and B and Thompson et al. (1996) report a short, sharp downsweep. These calls have been recorded from offshore Vancouver Island B.C., Washington and Oregon, California and off Mexico in the Gulf of California (reviewed in Rivers 1997), and in the Eastern Tropical Pacific (Stafford 1996, 1997).

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376K wav file(The recorded signal has been sped up 10 times)