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  Marine mammal sounds  
  Atlantic minke whale call  
  bloop spectrogramDescription: Minke whales produce a variety of sounds described as thump trains, ratchets, clicks and grunts (Winn and Perkins 1976; T.J. Thompson et al. 1979, Richardson et al. 1995). In the Atlantic Ocean, Beamish and Mitchell (1973) recorded click series, while Edds-Walton (1999) recorded frequency-modulated 400 msec downsweeps at around 80 Hz. In Antarctic waters, 200-300 msec low-frequency (130 - 60 Hz) downsweeps were recorded by Schevill and Watkins (1972). Analysis of our Atlantic data is still underway, but to date we have recorded pulsive calls sweeping from around 50-35 Hz.

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