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Submarine Volcanic Eruption (Whistle)

whistle spectrogramThis sound was recorded by the eastern Pacific autonomous hydrophone deployed at 08°N 110°W on July 7, 1997 at 07:30GMT. This undulating single frequency signal is similar to volcanogenic signals recorded on actively erupting submarine arc volcanoes (e.g. West Mata near Western Samoa). Our eastern Pacific hydrophone array has previously recorded volcanic signals similar to “Whistle” from the Mariana volcanic arc some 14,000 Km distant. Unfortunately, locating the source of an event requires at least three recording instruments, “Whistle” was only recorded on the NW hydrophone and could have traveled a great distance from its source volcano before detection.

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809K wav file (This file has been sped up 16 times and band-pass filtered between 8 and 20 Hz to reduce ambient noise.)