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  Seismic Activity - Mid-Atlantic Ridge Seismicity  



Seismicity from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between ~15ºN and ~35ºN has been monitored since February, 1999 using SOFAR hydrophones. Six of NOAA/PMEL’s autonomous underwater hydrophones were deployed and moored within the ocean sound channel along the MAR flanks. The instruments are capable of detecting low-level (mb < 2.5) events at ranges of up to 5,000 km. The configuration of the hydrophone array will allow epicenters from at least 10ºN to 40ºN to be located with sufficient accuracy to be associated with specific structures on the seafloor (error estimation is < 2 km within the array), with seismicity from the broader Atlantic region located at reduced accuracy.

UPDATE: After three years of deployment, NSF has funded an additional four years of monitoring. Leadership of the project has moved to Oregon State University. Plans include the establishment of a data distribution system for raw data, in addition to routine epicenter location and distribution to the general public. The next servicing cruise is scheduled from R/V Ewing in 2003.

Epicenter maps by region:
Maps are provided for each deployment year. The most recent map is updated daily to show the epicenters processed to date.

Atlantic seismicity animations:
(provided by D. Smith/WHOI)