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  TOGA-COARE Enhanced Monitoring Array Analyses
Momentum Balance Analyses

Meghan Cronin and Michael McPhaden, PMEL
in collaboration and coordination with Robert Weisberg, USF

Large Scale Variability

Weisberg, R., R. Helber, M. F. Cronin, and M.J. McPhaden, Large scale variability during COARE, COARE98, Boulder, CO., In press., 1998.

The EMA study period (Aug 1991- April 1994) includes the El Nino of 1991-1993. Large scale variability in the warm pool's general circulation and SST are described.


Upper Ocean Reversing Jets During COARE EMA

Cronin, M.F., M. J. McPhaden, and R. Weisberg, Wind forced reversing jets in the western equatorial Pacific. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 30, 657-676, 2000.

Complex upper ocean reversing jet structures are observed in the western equatorial Pacific, with zonal flow changing direction in time and with depth. Above the top of the thermocline, the surface layer currents are mainly wind driven. The deeper layer flow in the upper part of the thermocline is mainly driven by pressure gradients setup by wind bursts and can have subsurface maximums.


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