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[las_users] Re: LAS 8.6.8 and JAVA JDK requirement


My expectation is that LAS will work just fine with OpenJDK. I've run it in test environments, but we are behind the curve on testing it more fully in a production environment. It's on my list and I will update the documentation.

The LAS configure script is not explicitly checking for the Oracle JDK just a that [oracle_path]/java actually executes and the output from [oracle_path]/java -version can be parsed into a major and minor version that is greater that the minimum required. This may not work depending on the formatting of the output from the [openjdk_path]/java -version. All this to say if you want to get around this for your own testing, then remove those checks from configure.pl or finesse them to work with the OpenJDK version string.

I'll do all that soon, but any contribution or information about how it works from the LAS community is most welcome. 


On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 2:04 PM Littlefield, Bryan <bryan.littlefield@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Roland,

We are currently using the latest Oracle JAVA 8 JDK with LAS version 8.6.8.

But now to get updates to this version of JAVA you need to purchase
software support from Oracle.

Is there a way to use OpenJDK  java instead of Oracle ? or do we need to
purchase support ?

Last I checked the installer checks for the Oracle JDK and won't install
without it.


Thanks --Bryan

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