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Re: [las_users] LAS changes variable names/ dimensions on download

One of the other attributes that the saved file had was:

LON1_8648:point_spacing: "uneven" ;

which I thought was weird because the dataset that I am testing is regularly gridded (atleast it is supposed to be)


On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:27 PM, Ansley Manke <ansley.b.manke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
The fact that the size of the axis increased may seem odd.  Depending on the limits of the region that's been selected, the longitude request may have specified wrapping a bit more than 360 degrees around the globe.  Perhaps that's something we should prevent, so that the size of the dataset wouldn't be increased.


On 5/7/2015 8:43 AM, Roland Schweitzer - NOAA Affiliate wrote:
The download process always saves a sub-set based on the state of the selection widgets. The request to Ferret is always in world coordinates, not index space. So it's likely that the sub-set selected to be saved was slightly smaller that the full dataset.  Since it's writing a subset it makes a new axis with a new name.


On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 8:22 AM, Ajay Krishnan - NOAA Affiliate <ajay.krishnan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,

I observed a couple of strange things when I recently downloaded a gridded data from LAS and saved it as a NetCDF file.

1. The dimensions of the lon variable changed from 8640 to 8648
2. the lon variable itself was renamed to LON1_8648

Why is this happening? Is this some kind of a bug? 

LAS 7.3 (Ferret 6.82)


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