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Re: [las_users] Error in Installing LAS


I can only offer you some suggestions about where to look since I don't have enough details about your installation. But, it seems clear that there was some confusion during the running of the configure process as to the location of the tomcat where you want to run your LAS server.

If you look in your $TOMCAT_HOME directory you should see content/las (and content/thredds if that has been installed property). If those directories do not appear, it's likely that when you incorrectly answered the question in the configure process you gave the directory for the tomcat home directory. If another tomcat exists at the location you gave, the configure process will work, but the resulting installation won't run.

I suggest you start over and pay careful attention to the directories in the configure process.


On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 6:16 AM, ruvn satish <ruvnsatish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am new to live access server. I am trying to install las in a remote ubuntu machine. I followed the instructions as in the documentation to install las mentioned in the website.
After installing when I opened las page, The following error popped out:

"Server Request Failed: Server failed to get the LAS configuration. It is likely that LAS was not configured and thus there is no tomcat6/content/LAS_WEBAPP_NAME/conf/server/las.xml file for the LAS WebApp. Administrators can check for this problem by reading the log file, probably in tomcat6/content/baker/logs/las.log"

It is saying tomcat6 but I installed tomcat8 in the machine. Also there is las.xml in the mentioned folder with some code but las.log is empty file.

After the mentioned error popping out and clicking ok, I can view all the tools in the las except the map that appears in the center.

I am unable to solve this error, can someone help me in this issue please ?

Best Regards,

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