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[las_users] Error in Installing LAS

Hello everyone,

I am new to live access server. I am trying to install las in a remote ubuntu machine. I followed the instructions as in the documentation to install las mentioned in the website.
After installing when I opened las page, The following error popped out:

"Server Request Failed: Server failed to get the LAS configuration. It is likely that LAS was not configured and thus there is no tomcat6/content/LAS_WEBAPP_NAME/conf/server/las.xml file for the LAS WebApp. Administrators can check for this problem by reading the log file, probably in tomcat6/content/baker/logs/las.log"

It is saying tomcat6 but I installed tomcat8 in the machine. Also there is las.xml in the mentioned folder with some code but las.log is empty file.

After the mentioned error popping out and clicking ok, I can view all the tools in the las except the map that appears in the center.

I am unable to solve this error, can someone help me in this issue please ?

Best Regards,

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