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[las_users] Error on large/high volume data sets - "remote server was unable to deliver data"


We are getting a near instant error when requesting Hovmoller plots of MUR and AVHRR_OI data sets.  (See included images.)

"A remote server was unable to deliver the data LAS needs to make your product."

The links are good; MUR links to here: http://thredds.jpl.nasa.gov/thredds/dodsC/GHRSST_JPL-L4UHfnd-GLOB-MUR_TIMEAGG/aggregate__ghrsst_JPL-L4UHfnd-GLOB-MUR.ncml.html

Likewise the link for AVHRR_OI is good. 

We suspect this error has something to do with the volume of requested data; MUR is high resolution (~1km global), and AVHRR_OI has 30 yrs of global data. 

We do not get an error on loading any one particular granule, nor on a time series plot -- the Hovmoller plot is where we see this error. 

Any ideas on what is going on, or how we can fix this?

Thank you,

Attachment: AVHRR_OI_fail_9yrs.PNG
Description: AVHRR_OI_fail_9yrs.PNG

Attachment: MUR_fail_10yrs.PNG
Description: MUR_fail_10yrs.PNG

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