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[las_users] LAS 8.0: securing "save as..." by password

Hi to everybody!

I'm very happy with new LAS 8.0 which now is my default LAS.

I'd like to know how to put "Save As..." option under the control of a 
password. This is necessary since we allow everybody to see our data, but we 
wish to give data only to registerd users.

With LAS 7.3 I bypassed the problem removing the "Save As..." by editing 
productserver/templates/V7UI.vm, (but in 8.0 I didn't find a similar file to 

In any case it would better to leave the "Save As..." and activate an access 
control over the data to be saved, but I don't know how to achieve this. 

I tried acting at TDS level adding the following lines to thredds' web.xml

      <web-resource-name>restricted access datasets</web-resource-name>
    <!-- user-data-constraint>
    </user-data-constraint -->

and the following lines to catalog.xml

<datasetScan name="Data From LAS Tirreno" path="las_tirreno" 
         <include wildcard="*.nc"/>
         <include wildcard="*.fds"/>
         <include wildcard="*.jnl"/>

It appens that accessing data via thredds is secured by password but LAS 8 
"Save as..." option still doesn't ask for any password.

I'll be glad for any help,

Ciao from Italy,


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