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[las_users] How to increase the WAIT TIME after request is given. LAS or THREDDS Limitation?


From our PO.DAAC Live Access server link above, we provide long time series for high resolution (ie. 1km, 4km) global daily gridded datasets.

When a user selects Line Plot - time series  covering a long date range of a selected region, LAS responds with a time counter. When it reaches 300 (sec?) it returns an error message about the server.
When a user does the same selection but this time entering their email address for notification (an email is sent 300 secs after submission).  When selecting the link from the email, it returns the same error message.  This typically means that the processing of the request is not yet complete.  
1) Are there limitations in LAS and/or THREDDS?
2) Is there a way to update the LAS configuration to either:
    a) increase the wait time
    b) trigger email sent when request is "actually" complete.

User Scenario:
Select Dataset:
 Ocean Temperature  -> MODIS Aqua Level 3/ MODIS Aqua Level 3 MID-IR Daily 4km Nighttime
Select LINE PLOTS:  Time Series
Date Range: Jul 04, 2002   -  Jun 01, 2012

Rosanna Sumagaysay-Aouda
Physical Oceanography DAAC
626.744.5565 (work)  818.497.5508 (cell)
Mail Stop:  Raytheon-299
"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain

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