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[las_users] Save As function on LAS

Dear LAS mailing list,

I am able to use the Save As function for LAS but only for a limited number of time steps for my dataset (1320x1487 grid size). I can only save as NetCDF of up to only 20 time steps for the full domain. Any more than that and I get the following error:

 **netCDF error
NetCDF: Malformed or inaccessible DAP DATADDS (OPeNDAP/netCDF Error code -73)
             Data set: http://localhost/thredds/dodsC/las/data.nc

Our data is hosted using thredds, and contains about 1008 time steps via aggregation. My hunch is that this is a memory problem, as the machine where our thredds is hosted only contains 4GB of RAM, but I'm hoping the problem could be something else.

Could anyone advise if this is indeed a memory problem, or if there is any workaround for downloading large sets of data over thredds/las. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
Anton Buenavista

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