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Re: [las_users] how to compile, and build after modifying webcontent

There is no directory in the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/thredds with that name.  thredds/dodsC/las is a URL path which is defined by this bit of configuration in the catalog:
<datasetScan name="Data From LAS" path="las" location="/usr/local/tomcat/content/las/conf/server/data" serviceName="gridded">
<include wildcard="*.nc"/>
<include wildcard="*.fds"/>
<include wildcard="*.jnl"/>

After you have followed all of the steps detailed in this document: http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/LAS/documentation/installer-documentation/installation/installing-and-integrating-tds-with-las/

You will find representations of your LAS data at that URL path.  E.g.  http://yourserver.org/thredds/dodsC/las/


On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 9:29 AM, Akshay Hegde <akshay.k.hegde@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok I will reconfigure and try by disabling firewalls, when I extracted thredds.war file in tomcat webapps directory, I could not find any directory in this path /thredds/dodsC/las/, what may be the reason ?


On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 8:50 PM, Roland Schweitzer - NOAA Affiliate <roland.schweitzer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you can use the server from some places, but not others it is likely due to the configuration of the server, proxy and firewalls.  It's impossible for me to tell from here the details of your server environment, but I can give you some general guidelines.

If you configure LAS and answer "yes" to the proxy question then LAS will expect all of the URLs to resolve to http://fully_qualified_hostname/las/* without the port number.

If you want to run your server on a different port number than "80" you should answer "no" to the proxy question in the configuration script and then all of the URLs you enter in your browser and LAS uses internally will expect the port number to be included.  And, of course, whatever firewall environment is being used at your site will have to allow access to the port number you are using.


On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 8:51 AM, Akshay Hegde <akshay.k.hegde@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am not getting any error, but I could not able to get preview on my local host, but if I try from some other pc in LAN, I could see ferret plots, if you have any idea about thredds and opendap data server please explain.


On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 8:17 PM, Roland Schweitzer - NOAA Affiliate <roland.schweitzer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The command "ant deploy" command should be run from the directory where you expanded your tar file.  If you did not modify the name of the directory when you expanded the tar file, then it will have some sort of indication of the version number, e.g. las.v7.3.  The directory where you run the ant deploy command should be the one that has the build.xml file in it.

What is the error message you receive when you run the "ant deploy" command?


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 10:50 AM, Akshay Hegde <akshay.k.hegde@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
please experts kindly help me to compile, and build xml file after modifying the webcontents,,,

/las is my installation directory, time being I am using  configure.sh to create las.war file, I don't know how to give command to ant to compile,and to create las.war file, I too now that I am doing wrong and the process which I am using is actually for installation of live access server

I tried,
ant deploy 
ant compile

command not worked, so whenever I am updating web content again I am using ./configure.sh beginning from source /usr/local/ferret/ferret.paths

those who know, kindly help

Thanks in advance,

Akshay Hegde

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