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[las_users] How to create Virtual Variable in LAS


This is an update to my first email.

I have two data files with the same spatial resolution and grid structure.  Example below.  (Please note that I'm working on creating my dataset aggregations via THREDDS.  Just wanted to point out here of the 2 different data sources).

File 1: (Sea surface temperature)
OPENDAP: http://opendap.jpl.nasa.gov/opendap/OceanTemperature/avhrr/L3/pathfinder_v5/monthly/day/04km/2000/07/200007.s04m3pfv50-sst-16b.hdf.html
FTP: ftp://podaac-ftp.jpl.nasa.gov/OceanTemperature/avhrr/L3/pathfinder_v5/monthly/day/04km/2000/07/200007.s04m3pfv50-sst-16b.hdf

File 2: (Quality Flag)
OPENDAP: http://opendap.jpl.nasa.gov/opendap/OceanTemperature/avhrr/L3/pathfinder_v5/monthly/day/04km/2000/07/200007.m04m3pfv50-qual.hdf.html
FTP: ftp://podaac-ftp.jpl.nasa.gov/OceanTemperature/avhrr/L3/pathfinder_v5/monthly/day/04km/2000/07/200007.m04m3pfv50-qual.hdf

Is there a way in LAS to provide the data users option to extracting SST data from "SST variable" based on a the highest Quality Flag value from the "Quality Flag variable" and creating a new Virtual Variable called "Best SST".

I've read the FAQ on "Serving Virtual Variables" but it looks like this is for an older version of LAS server. Is there a solution for doing this in LAS 7.3


Rosanna Sumagaysay-Aouda
Physical Oceanography DAAC

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