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[las_users] lasget.pl script


I am trying to use lasget.pl script and could not get any support from website support group.

Hence I am requesting some of the expert uses of LAS available in this group to help me.


perl lasget.pl -x 339W:345W -y 13N:23N -t 2006-Jan-1:2007-Jan-1 -f cdf  -o test.nc www.usgodae.org dods/GDS/nogaps_co

mp NOGAPS_comp_grid_vlm-0000








Venkat S. Kolluru

Technical Director, Surfacewater Modeling Group



350 Eagleview Boulevard, Suite 200

Exton, PA 19341-1180


Tel: 610 524 3654

Mob: 610 764 0579





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