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[las_users] Request for selection of only one MISR band for LAS


Remember this?  Unfortunately I have been asked to only show band 2
data.  I've tried some things in the Thredds catalog as well as in the
LAS configuration file for this dataset, but with no success.  Can you
suggest a way to just serve the band 2 data?  Preferably without the
'Select Depth' box showing up on the interface?

Thanks once again,

>>Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:04:18 -0500
>>From: "Roland Schweitzer" <weathertop.consulting@xxxxxxxxx>
>>To: p.c.oots@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
>>     oar.pmel.las_users@xxxxxxxx,
>>     Steven.C.Hankin@xxxxxxxx
>>Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: [las_users] AddXML : "File parsed. No Lat/Lon 
>>grids found."
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>>adultscore=0 adjust=0 reason=mlx engine=3.1.0-0705030000
>>Here is an example that answers both your questions (how to get addXML

>>to recognize the grids and how to treat all the individual files as 
>>one big data set).  My example only aggregates three months.  You can 
>>just add on months to get the full time range you want.
>>These files are weird.  Time has been averaged out of the data.  
>>However, a time axis still exists in the file even though it's not 
>>used by any of the variables.  I made up a new variable name for the 
>>new synthetic time axis.  I picked "mytime".  You probably should come

>>up with a better name.  And you should verify that I have actually 
>>done something that makes sense according to your understanding of  
>>the data. :-)
>><dataset name="misraer" ID="misraer" serviceName="gridded"
>>    urlPath="test/MISR_aggregation">
>>       <netcdf
>>          <aggregation type="joinNew" dimName="mytime">
>>             <netcdf
>>             <netcdf
>>             <netcdf
>>         <variableAgg name="Optical_depth_average"/>
>>         <variableAgg name="Optical_depth_average_count"/>
>>         <variableAgg name="Optical_depth_standard_deviation"/>
>>         </aggregation>
>>    <variable name="Band">
>>       <attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" value="GeoZ"/>
>>    </variable>
>>    <variable name="mytime" type="double">
>>       <attribute name="units" value="days since 2003-01-01
>>       <attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" value="Time"/>
>>       <values>0 31 62</values>
>>    </variable>

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