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[las_users] How to correct time value being passed to Ferret from LAS

When I open a browser session and access our LAS version 6..5.1at http://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov/las/servlets/dataset, then select Land Surface, Land Mask, and either the 1 or 2.5 degree land mask datasets, I can produce a plot.  If I then produce a plot from any other dataset with a date that differs from the land mask dataset, I get the following error:

Illegal Limits

Sorry ...

    There are no data available at 15-DEC-2004 00:00
    The data begin at 30-DEC-2005 18:45 and continue to 30-JAN-2006 05:14

Please try again with a time that lies within this range. Content-disposition: inline; filename=LASoutput.html Content-length: 2385 Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1


Since there is only one dataset for each land mask, an arbitrary date was used to create each file.  It appears that the second time I try to create the land mask plot, LAS uses the date from the dataset just plotted. 


I tried creating an init script by copying the std_initionalize.jnl  to set the date to the correct (but arbitrary date), but failed to figure out what to enter.


Is there an easy solution to this problem (other than closing the browser and starting again)? 


Penny Oots

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