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[las_users] troubleshooting LAS output

Hello there,
I'm trying to plot deep-ocean radiocarbon using LAS.  I am trying to
recreate a higher-resolution version of Figure 3 (bottom right panel)
from Key et al. (2004, Global Biogeochemical Cycles) using
http://cdiac3.ornl.gov/las/servlets/dataset, as directed in that paper. 
For some reason, even though I specify all the parameters, I am not
getting output from the LAS server.  I am new to this program, so I am
not sure why this is happening.  Does anyone have any advice on
troubleshooting the plotting function?

E. Christa Farmer, Ph.D.
Hofstra University
Geology Department
145 Gittleson Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549

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