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[las_users] LAS "mashup" using Google Maps API

If anyone is interested, I just posted a working example of a custom LAS query 
form that uses the LAS Javascript components and a simple Google Map to 
enable users to select a geographic region. I still have some scripting to do 
to make things more user-friendly. For example, I want to change the behavior 
of the draggable map markers when the user requests a 1D plot vs a 2D map. 
All in good time.

In the meantime, here's the working prototype. I'd welcome suggestions.

Jonathan, I appreciate the encouragement, and I *love* the DateWidget. That 
made things easier. Is the LongitudeWidget that's mentioned in the 
documentation available yet, or will that be part of the next release?


Todd Viola
office: +1 361-749-2472

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