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Re: [las_users] size for time axis


Being able to specify the start and end times and the step is a feature that a few folks have asked for and may be implemented in a future version, but right now it is not possible to specify an axis in that way. The only way is to use the size.


Ben Burford wrote:
Hello LASers,

My current definition of the time range that I put in my xml files looks lik
e this:

 <Insitu_Surface_T display_lo="2002-Oct-01 01:00:00" display_hi="2004-Dec-31
 23:00:00" units="hours" type="t">
  <arange start="2002-Oct-01 01:00:00" step="1" size="19751"/>

Is it possible to define the time range without specifying "size" (size="197
51")?  Its a pain in the neck to calculate size (number of hours) for the va
riety of time periods of data that I need to add to my system.

I tried different combinations of the above xml content without including si
ze but got errors in every case.  I'm hoping someone can show me a format of
 xml that works, without the "size=".

Thank you,


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