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Re: [las_users] "noleap" calendar not recognised by addXML

Hi Glenn,

You're right, addXML currently has no concept of a "no leap" year calendar. I'm actively looking at a fix.

Depending on how much configuration information you're creating you might be able to work around the problem by creating the <arange> element for the time axis with an editor.


Glenn Hyland wrote:

I'm trying to configure LAS (v6.5.2.1) to serve up some climate model
results. These are netCDF files which adhere to the CF-1.0 convention.
The problem is that addXML doesn't interpret the time axis values
correctly. The relevant bits of information from a typical file are as

time {
String long_name "time";
String standard_name "time";
String axis "T";
String units "days since 0000-01-01 00:00:00";
String calendar "noleap";
String bounds "time_bnds";

time, 730547.5, 730912.5, 731277.5, 731642.5, 732007.5, ...

The first time value corresponds to the 30 June 2001, but addXML
generates dates starting in 2000. It has obviously ignored the "noleap"
calendar setting.

Has anyone encountered this problem before, and is there a

Thanks for your help.


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