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[las_users] Custom Velocity menus

Hello All,

I need help understanding how to combine xml files and custom velocity templ
ates to make up one integrated menu system.  Previously I've only used xml f
iles.  However, I need to add a "connection" to another system by running a 
client from my LAS menus.

I want to have my top level menu be a vm template page, and have that templa
te page connect to xml categories to expand the menus.

The vm (top level) page might look something like:

  <td align="left">
  <table border="0" cellspacing=10>

     . . . . <font size="3">1. In-situ Data</font>
     . . . . (somehow connect to an  insitu.xml file)

<td><a target="_self" href="http://ceop.restec.or.jp/echorefclient";>
<font size="3">2. Satellite Data</font></a></td>

     . . . . <font size="3">3. Model Data</font>
     . . . . (somehow connect to a  model.xml file)


My "insitu.xml" file starts out like this (menus for different types of in-s
itu data):

  <category name="1. Surface">
    <category name="BALTEX_Cabauw">
      <category name="Cabauw">
        <filter action="apply-dataset" equals="CEOP Surface Cabauw Cabauw"/>

So the user would see a top level menu like this:
1. In-situ Data
2. Satellite Data
3. Model Data

And, as you can see from my pseudo-example vm file above, if the user clicks
 on "2. Satellite" then "echorefclient" software will be run.

The LAS documentation "Writing custom Velocity templates" doesn't seem to co
ver this.  I hope someone can tell me how to do this.  Ideally please show o
r attach a sample of a working file.

Thanks in advance,


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