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Re: [las_users] Modifying the map applet

  • I copied the Ferret commands from your email to a 'script' and then ran that.
  • The Ferret installation is entirely separate from the LAS installation.  You will want to run the LAS 'configure' script again after you install a newer Ferret so that it uses the new one.
  • I was referring to Ferret 6.x (not LAS 6.x).
-- Jon

Jeff Donovan wrote:
Jonathan -

Thanks for the response. Couple of additional questions:

I tried your script with Ferret 5.8.1 and it didn't work

By my script do you mean the Ferret commands I included? These were
copied directly out of the "modifying_LiveMap" web page.

Then I tried it with 5.8.4 and it did work.

Can I install this newer Ferret (v5.8.4) without having redo the entire
LAS install ?

Then I tried it with our latest release -- 6.0 and it works fine.

Is this the 6.0 release of LAS (v6.5.2.1) you are talking about?


Jeff Donovan wrote:

Hi -

I am in the process of setting up a LAS server for our data
(http://ocg15.marine.usf.edu:8080/las/servlets/dataset) and I
am trying to modify the map applet. I am using the instructions
from http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/FAQ/modifying_LiveMap.htm,
but I can not even get the following sample code from the FAQ page
to work:

set mem/size=20
set data etopo20
set wind/siz=.5

palette  dark_land_sea
set region/x=-160:-124/y=-30:60
go mp_plate_caree
set grid rose
go mp_aspect
shade/nokey/lev=(-10500,-5500,5000)(-5500,0,500)(0,2000,250)(2000,6000,1000)/nolab rose, x_page, y_page

! get axis lengths from previous plot and make a new plot
! where the plot takes up all the space

ppl size ($ppl$xlen),($ppl$ylen)
ppl axlen ($ppl$xlen),($ppl$ylen)
ppl origin 0,0

shade/nokey/lev=(-10500,-5500,5000)(-5500,0,500)(0,2000,250)(2000,6000,1000)/nolab rose, x_page, y_page


the "go mp_aspect" line opens a window
the first "shade/nokey..." adds a set of axes
the second "shade/nokey..." causes the axes to disappear from the window
the "frame/file..." command causes ferret to jump to 99% of CPU usgae and
   will run as long as I let it (stopped after 10 minutes) but nothing ever
   gets generated

I am running LAS 5.8.1 on a Dell server running RHEL 4.0.
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Donovan

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