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[las_users] Different war in LAS Tomcat

Hi All,

I want to deploy another application (refclient.war), in addition to las.war
, on the Tomcat server that las runs on.  This is the Tomcat server that com
es bundled with the las distribution.

My understanding is I can deploy the new war file onto the las Tomcat server
 by copying the war file (refclient.war) into the following las directory:

After copying over the file I restarted Tomcat (/usr/local/las/stopserver.sh
, then startserver.sh).  I checked the /usr/local/las/las_servlet/jakarta/we
bapps directory and a new directory refclient had been created, so I'm takin
g this as evidence that the Tomcat server deployed the new refclient.war file.

I was able to run las on my system as always (http://ceop.restec.or.jp/las/s
ervlets/dataset), but when I tried http://ceop.restec.or.jp/refclient I got 
the standard browser message "page cannot be found".  (Note, unfortunately h
ttp://ceop.restec.or.jp/refclient  is not online for you to try out.)

Can someone tell me if I'm deploying the new war file correctly, and tell me
 how to access it?

Do I need to add something to the Apache httpd.conf file?  According to the 
the LAS installation instructions, I put the following in my Apache httpd.co
nf file:
Alias /las-output/ "/usr/local/las/server/output/"
ScriptAlias /las-bin/ "/usr/local/las/server/"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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