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[las_users] [LAS_users] timeaxis manipulation

Hi LAS users!

I have 10-yearly mean data for the last 50000 years. Therefore I want a
dropdown menue for the time variable containing 10, 20, 30, ..., 49990,
50000. To realize that I was advised to change the entered time (e.g.
50000) by dividing (50000 / 10) to grep data for L=5000 from my netcdf
file. It should be similar to the change titled "mapping a time to a
filename" in:


Unfortunatly I not familiar with perl. Thus I a little bit lost in the
nested variable structure. Could somebody tell me how to divide the
"year" or better the time "index" entered on the contrains webpage by 10
and how write the new value back to where it is used to generate the
ferret plot?

Thanks for any help

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