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Re: [las_users] dropdown menues


In LAS 6.x there is no way to have the select menus for depth or time submit a number that differs from the displayed number. This feature of HTML <options> elements is one we have not made configurable in LAS.

One ugly workaround would be to hand edit the configuration file to contain the depth values you want and then associate an initialization script with this data that would regrid the native depths onto the depths defined in your configuration file.

I cannot recommend this hack but it would probably get you the behavior you want.

-- Jon

Joerg Franke wrote:


how can I show different values in the dropdown menues then they are in the nc-file. E.g. I have the middle of each depth layer as value in the nc-file (18.5 for the surface ocean layer). In the dropdown menue it would be much clearer and easier for the user if it would say 0 - 37 m.

Thanks for any ideas.

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