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[las_users] Re: [ferret_users] limit on storage

Hi Jerome,
Yes, we're aware that this is becoming a problem for some datasets. It's not an easy one for us to resolve, however.

If the data were regularly spaced this would not be an issue at all. Does the data you're aggregating have truly irregular time steps? Sometimes the times are in fact regularly spaced, but irregular spacing comes in because of gaps in the time series. If that's the case we can probably work out a way to deal with the data.


Jerome King wrote:
Hi Ferreters and LASers,

I am not a Ferret expert as I have rarelly used it. I have been dealing indirectly with it because of the customization I do with the Live Access Server.

With new technologies such as THREDDS that allows to aggregate several datasets together, one can end up with really big files with a lot of time steps.

I have been reaching the infamous error message several times now:
**TMAP ERR: limit on storage for coordinates has been
reached MAX=750000

I am aggregating unevenly spaced data over time which probably makes things worse.

I was wondering if anyone found a way around this problem or if the Ferret developers plan on improving this. There is a message in the archive about using dynamic storage and this may solve the issue. Are there any updates about this?

Thanks a lot!
Jerome King.

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