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[las_users] limit on storage

Hi Ferreters and LASers,

I am not a Ferret expert as I have rarelly used it. I have been dealing indirectly with it because of the customization I do with the Live Access Server.

With new technologies such as THREDDS that allows to aggregate several datasets together, one can end up with really big files with a lot of time steps.

I have been reaching the infamous error message several times now:
**TMAP ERR: limit on storage for coordinates has been
reached MAX=750000

I am aggregating unevenly spaced data over time which probably makes things worse.

I was wondering if anyone found a way around this problem or if the Ferret developers plan on improving this. There is a message in the archive about using dynamic storage and this may solve the issue. Are there any updates about this?

Thanks a lot!
Jerome King.

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