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[las_users] LAS installation problem

Hello All,

I installed Red Hat AS3.0 and then installed LAS 6.5 on it.

When I try to access LAS on my system (
et), in my browser I get the standard error message: Can't see the page.

In the Apache access log I see what appears to be normal and correct:
"GET /las/servlets/dataset HTTP/1.1"

In the Apache error log I see:
[error]  File does not exist: /var/www/html/las

There's nothing in the LAS error logs since it appears LAS is not getting run.

I put the required entries in httpd.conf:
Alias /las-output/ "/usr/local/las/las/server/output/"
ScriptAlias /las-bin/ "/usr/local/las/las/server/"

Mysql appears to be running and the initial make (for the 2 COADS data sets)
 worked successfully during the LAS install process.

It appears that the Apache server is looking for LAS (las) in the document r
oot, rather than executing the LAS software.

Can anyone tell me if Java is involved in getting the top menu page displaye
d?   It think its not involved so Java could not be the problem.

Does anyone have any idea what's causing this, or what I could check or test
 to figure out the problem?

Thanks VERY much for any help (I'm really frustrated with this one).


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