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[las_users] UI Server, catitem=1


I need to find the place in the LAS software where LAS receives a menu page 
request from a browser.  In the browser source for the top level menu page, 
the first item in the menu is requested when the browser requests the menu p
age for catitem = 1:

<a class="dataset" href="dataset?catitem=1">1. Insitu</a>

The request (from the Apache log) looks like:
"GET /las/servlets/dataset?catitem=1 HTTP/1.1"

Can someone tell me where in the LAS code that this request is received (whe
re the software receives this request from the browser and then, I assume, g
oes to Mysql to get the contents of the next menu page)?

Thanks very much in advance for any help!!!

Thank you,


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