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[las_users] LASserver.pl delay problem

Hello Folks,

We're running LAS 6.5 and the system has been running fine up until recently
  We're adding thousands of XML files to our system to provide menus for ac
cessing a lot of satellite data files.  

After clicking on Next in the final menu page the time to get the data and c
reate the 2d plot used to be quick, but now has a delay of several minutes. 
 We've been tracing the problem through debug statements and have traced it 
to a specific place in LASserver.pl, namely in the section:

# Support for vaious special data types including
# sections
# external databases
# custom code


if ($LAS::Server::Config{custom_include}){
    require($LAS::Server::Config{custom_include} . "/custom.pl");

my $visualizer = new LAS::Server::HTTP;
my $output = $visualizer->setup($query);
if (! $output){
    $output = $visualizer->run;

# End of main program

Specifically this line:   my $output = $visualizer->setup($query);

hangs for about 3 minutes before it continues its normal process and runs TM
APDapper.  Has anyone encountered this problem, or can someone help us with 
ideas about how to debug further?  We don't know what process is going on wi
thin this line of code.

Not that, during LAS installation, we ran the process to install the necessa
ry configuration files to convert the default LAS into a Dapper demonstratio
n LAS with in-situ data access capabilities.

cd $LASROOT/contrib
make dapper
cd $LASROOT/server

As I said, this process ran OK, but the 3 minute delay began occurring when 
we increased the number of XML files to include menus to thousands of satell
ite data files.

Thanks very much for any help,


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