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[las_users] Make problem (mysql?)

Hello Folks,

When I do a make I get the following error:
DBD::mysql::db do failed: Table 'las.config' doesn't exist at ../xml/perl/LA
SServlet.pm line 320

I'm running under LAS 6.5.  My system has in-situ and satellite data and I'm
 working on expanding the number of satellite data files.  

The make works correctly when I have 6287 files, but I get this failure when
 I expand that to 7151 files.  I have 61 !ENTITY declarations in my las.xml 
file.  The xml for the thousands of data files is combined (cancatenated) in
 the 61 files identified in las.xml

Can someone explain how to investigate this error (for example, does "line 3
20" refer to a line in a Makefile?  What is the name/location of the file th
at's generating this error message)?

I don't know much about mysql, just enough to do a default installation of m
ysql when I installed all the software required by LAS.  Does Mysql expand t
able sizes (and other parameters) automatically?  Is there a limit to the ex
pansion that can be changed?  I have no idea where to go from here?

Thanks to all,


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