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[las_users] LAS Error

Dear LAS Users and developers,
I have a LAS error now, which I need to be fixed as early as possible.
Someone please help me on this.

1) There was an AOMIP LAS here, which was working previously all right.
The URL is http://maud.cims.nyu.edu:8080/las_aomip/servlets/dataset.

The above LAS is now not working, and it shows the following error.


HTTP Status 404 - /las_aomip/servlets/dataset.

type Status report

message /las_aomip/servlets/dataset.

description The requested resource (/las_aomip/servlets/dataset.) is not
Apache Tomcat/5.5.9
I think the LAS is not working now. How can I bring it back to workable?

2) In fact I also installed a new las version yesterday and
configured it. Is it because of this the above one is not working.

Please someone help me what should I do to bring the original LAS back to

Thanks in advance,

C. Shaji.

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