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Re: [las_users] LAS 6.5 addXML.sh utility message


That rather uninformative message is a warning that addXML punted on trying to figure out the interval between time steps in the data source.

Currently, the LAS configuration allows time axes to be described using an <arange> element that uses exactly one descriptive of the "step" between time points (with values like "day" and "hour"). Or instead of an <arange> each and every time point can be specified with a <v> element. When examining your input file addXML couldn't figure out a way to express the interval using only one of the allowed choices. So instead, it just created the time axis using the <v> elements (one for each time point in the axis). As you say, this method works fine, but it might make the user interface a little less usable if the list of time values is really long. If you know how to express the interval you can create an <arange> element yourself and replace all the <v> elements with the <arange>.

I'll work on making the message better and if this data source is available via OPeNDAP send me the URL and I'll try to improve addXML's guess work for discovering the interval between time steps.


Penny Oots wrote:

LAS experts,

I get the following message after running the addXML.sh utility (from LAS 6.5) on a netcdf file I created from 5 ascii files using Ferret:

Too many periods: month week day

The xml file is created but I am curious about what the message is trying to tell me and did not find anything on the LAS site or using Google.

Penny Oots

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