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[las_users] Anomalies w/World Ocean Atlas Temp data

I have found some anomalous data points in the World Ocean Atlas 2001 1x1 degree Annual Means, Temperature data. For a given depth, a few dozen points have no STD or ERROR value (-9999) but have a MEAN value. For a handful of points, the case is reversed. There is no MEAN value but there is an STD and ERROR value. And still yet for another few dozen points, MEAN = -99999 (nodata) yet STD and ERROR = 0. Though the last case is not as bad as the others, STD and ERROR should still be -99999 and not 0.

I have only checked a few depths so far (0, 10, 100 and 250) but all of them have this problem. Some locations seem to exhibit this error at all depths, though each depth also has problem cells that are unique to just that depth.
This is fairly easy to check. after importing to a grid, convert nodata to some value (such as -999) and COMBINE the mean, std and error grids for that depth. The incongruencies are then easily viewable in the .VAT.

Shawn Saving
Kansas Geological Survey

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