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direct access to datasets in LAS 6.x

Is there a way to point directly to a dataset using LAS 6.2.x?

I'd like to include a URL in one of my .html pages that would direct users to a particular dataset available from my LAS data collection. LAS 5 supported this capability, and I know it's possible to point to a 'LAS product' in LAS 6, but I'd like to point to a dataset served by LAS 6 ...

so instead of pointing to the top LAS interface page, listing all available datasets:
as in <a href="http://data.server.edu/las/servlets/dataset";>LAS</a>

I would specify something like:
<a href="http://data.server.edu/las/servlets/dataset?category=ABC+dataset=A";>data of particular interest to you</a>

Is this possible?

Cyndy Chandler

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