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LAS difficulties with IE on Windows XP?

Hi all,

I recently received a note from a user that LAS isn't working properly on a brand new Windows machine.

Hi, I was just wondering if you've verified the problem I'm having with the PMEL Live Access Server. I just got a brand new PC with Windows XP Professional and am getting some odd behavior. When I try to access the World Ocean Atlas-98 data, using the default Map settings, I first get a window saying that the URL is bad, then when I click the back button on the browser, the image that I requested appears. Also, the map data select applet won't work.
I cannot duplicate the behavior he sees and am wondering who else out there has had difficulties using LAS on newer machines. Please let us know if you are having problems and be sure to include the browser and operating system version numbers as well as a description of the behavior you're seeing.

The site to test is:


-- Jon

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