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Re: How to make multiple plots,arrange them vertically and output in onepicture?


I'm forwarding this to the LAS users mailing list, as the solution lies in
custom LAS code rather than in Ferret (although Ferret will be involved).


chi wrote:

> Hi there
>       I'm building a LAS site for mooring data. I'm wondering how to let
> ferret
> make a plot for each variable the user selected , say "U-wind", "Air
> temperature", "SST".
> Then arrange the three plots vertically and output them in one picture?
>       What I want to do is just like the LAS site of  "Tropical
> Atmosphere Ocean Project" did.
> You can take a look at http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/tao/jsdisplay/ , and
> select "Time series plots".
>       Any information will be highly appreciated.
>       Thanks a lot, Ding

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