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Re: Help on las password problems


Your email was bounced from our mail server -- not sure why -- and I'm finally getting around to looking through some of these dead emails from the las_users email list. Your question was:

I've tried finding a solution but none appear to be exactly the problem
I am getting.
I have set up las and the only way I can get it to run is to modify the
$password with the literal "" (no password) in LASDB.pm line 75

       DBI->connect($dburl, $login,"",
#       DBI->connect($dburl, $login, $password,

Being a newbie to this can I set something up to avoid the mods?
I have set up las as a user in mysql with grant
select,insert,update,delete , but the password appears to be the key
when connecting.
As stated above with the literal password supplied I can use the
"examples" without problem, however the User access denied message is
displayed without the mod.

I wonder how you set things up originally. Standard procedure when setting up LAS is to log on as root and then run the configure script. You can run the configure script as another user but you'll still need to su to root afterwards to change permissions as directed by the configure script. When you run the configure script you are prompted at one point to enter the MySQL host, user and password:

Enter name of mysql host : [your.domain.name]
MySQL account name: [root]
Enter password: []

You need to enter a MySQL account name that has root privileges as the configure script will create the new 'las' user in MySQL. When installed and running, LAS logs on to MySQL using the information found in the las/server/GenericLAS_config.pl file that is created as part of the configuration process. The following lines in that file tell LAS how to connect to MySQL as the 'las' user created during configuration:

db_login => 'las',
db_password => '...',
db_host => '...',

In your situation I would probably remove the existing las tables from your MySQL server and also remove the 'las' user. Then begin again from scratch, making sure that you give the configuration script root MySQL privileges. And don't forget to undo your mods to LASDB.pm!

Good luck!

-- Jon

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