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Multiple NetCDFs With Different Epochs

I'm cross-posting this between the DODS tech and LAS users lists -- I
hope that's okay.

I have a bunch of netCDF files that comprise a time series, but the
netCDF files have different epochs. Can LAS (Ferret, whatever)
"normalize" these netCDFs when doing a time series plot or display?

I want to use the DODS Aggregation Server on these netCDF files, and I
think that the DODS AS is taking the epoch from the first netCDF file
listed in the catalog and using it for all the rest, thus offsetting the
time slices for those netCDF files with a different epoch. (Considering
that the aggregate can have only one epoch reasonably defined for it I'd
do the same thing, of course.)

In terms of "best practices" and other software, does this situation
pose an insurmountable temporal jumble, or is it merely a tolerable
nuisance? I'd like to convince my data provider to stop using multiple
epochs, so I'm hoping to hear others' opinions on this.



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