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Re: LAS applet problems

Hi all,

I've updated the page describing which OS/browser combinations LAS works on:


I invite you all to take a quick look to see if I've left anything out.  The matrices show all the combinations I've tested on and all of the contributions you have sent in.  If you want to double check something you can try your browser on.

LAS v6.1 -- http://stout.pmel.noaa.gov:8680/v61_beta/servlets/dataset

LAS v5.2 -- ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/callahan_test

Any additional information is of course greatly appreciated.  I'm especially interested in two cases:

  1. Browsers which pass the filter and get the LAS v5.2 front page but, once there, do not work.
  2. Browsers which do not fail-over on LAS v6.1 and, once there, do not work.

We'd really like to eliminate the possibility of users experiencing a broken LAS.  We'd rather send them an explanatory page.

Thanks again for all your help so far.

-- Jon

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