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Re: LAS applet problems

Title: Re: LAS applet problems
Hi Jon,
    Here's some results from Roy Mendelssohn's tests:

Netscape 7.01 on MAC 0SX 2.3 works on the Koffer applet test page but rolls over to  non LIve Map on the LAS 6.1 test page.

He got the same results for Safari that someone else already reported.  Lynn

Hi all,
We've been getting a few complaints that, on some browsers, LAS v6.0 stops working when one arrives at the 'Constraints' page that contains the applet.  This appears to be primarily associated with inadequate support for Javascript calls to applet methods in those browsers.
The following page has a compilation of browsers that support Javascript calls to applet methods and a small test:
If a browser does not support this functionality, there is little that can be done in LAS except provide a nice fail-over to a no-applet 'Constraints' page. The as yet unreleased LAS v6.1 should fail-over gracefully and is available for you to test here:
Note that you can force the inclusion or absence of the applet by adding the '?use_java=false/true' parameter at the end of the URL.  This will set state in the server and be remembered throughout an LAS session.  Thus, to run LAS with no applet you may try this URL:
If you've had problems with your browser please test the ~v61_beta~ site.  We're interested in hearing from you if:
1.      your browser DOESN'T cause LAS to go into no-applet mode AND the applet doesn't work
1.      please test your browser at the ~/jsapplet.html page
2.      report back with the test result and your OS and browser versions
2.      your browser DOES cause LAS to go into no-applet mode BUT your intrepid testing gets a positive result from the ~/jsapplet.html page
1.      test your browser on LAS with ?use_java=true
2.      report back with your LAS results and your OS and browser versions
And if any of you have further suggestions on how to improve our browser support (suggested plugins, etc.) we'd love to hear them.
From the bleeding edge of write-once-run-anywhere,
... thanks a bunch,
-- Jon

Lynn deWitt


Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratories
1352 Lighthouse Avenue 
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-2097

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