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Re: problem on las 6.0


Could you let us know the following:

1) The browser you're using and the system it's running on (PC, Mac?)
2) The URL of your LAS.

That'll help a lot,

-- Jonathan Callahan

> Ying-Hsiang Lo wrote:
> Hello all,
> I' m trying to set up LAS 6.0 on my RedHat 7.1 system, most of its
> packages has been upgraded. I have checked the required software LAS
> needs, and my system now has installed the followed softwares:
> . apache-1.3.23
> . Ferret-5.41
> . perl-5.6.1
> . MySQL-3.23.49
> . Expat-1.95.5
> . J2SDK-1.4.1
> . NetCDF-3.5.0
> . NetCDF-perl-1.2.1
> Then I installed LAS 6.0 through the configure script, and finished
> the installation. Now I could see the home page of the LAS 6.0, but
> when I proceeded at the "Constraints" step, it showed me something
> missing, and the message box came up as follow:
> There is no Live Access Server web page that matches your request. You
> might have typed the address of the page incorrectly, or the page no
> longer exists. You may click here to access the main Live Access
> Server web page.
> I couldn't see the map, and I think it may be my system problem on
> java applet. So I tested my java environment, it seemd ok. I also
> tried to install jakarta-tomcat-4.1.2 to replace the original version
> 4.0.4, but it seemed the same. Any ideas on what could be wrong or
> where to look?
> Best Regards,
> Ying-Hsiang

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